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LIPOCURA® and Foodpunk – We take care of you holistically!

from: Dr. Katrin Lossagk | 30.09.2022

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In close cooperation with our dedicated senior physician, Foodpunk has developed a nutrition programme that helps lipedema patients to reduce pain even before surgery, to promote regeneration after liposuction for lipedema and to lose weight to a certain extent despite lipedema.
It is already known that the ketogenic diet significantly improves the quality of life for lipedema patients in many cases. But what is behind it? Why does it help? What do lipedema specialists recommend and does the ketogenic diet mean giving up everything that is fun?
What happens to lipedema sufferers when they want to lose weight? Is it possible at all?

We got to the bottom of all these questions in the two-part video interview with Dr Lossagk and Foodpunk founder Marina Lommel.
Just for you, because your health is important to us.

Watch the video interviews here and benefit from a better quality of life through conscious nutrition before, after and without surgery.

Interview with Martina Lommel, Foodpunk:


Interview with Dr Lossagk, LIPOCURA®


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