Living with lipedema

A lipedema diagnosis changes the lives of many affected women. Of course, problems and restrictions in daily life already exist beforehand. But once the condition has been diagnosed, tricks and therapies tailored specifically to your needs can be used to make life with lipedema as pleasant as possible.

Here are some tips and ideas for dealing with lipedema as well as contacts/places where you can find more information and help. We will also gladly advise you in person.

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Daily restrictions and experiences with lipedema

Many patients suffer from lipedema for years before they’re finally diagnosed By then, most people affected have already endured a long period of suffering. Lack of understanding on the part of those around them (lipedema and obesity are often confounded) and a lack of trust in doctors drain the self-confidence of many women. Oftentimes the feeling of being all alone and sometimes also the shame caused by a person’s own poor body image can create a heavy psychological burden.

In addition, there are considerable ailments and problems in everyday life, such as:

  • Pain
  • Sensitivity to pressure
  • Itching,
  • Cold, heavy arms and legs
  • Restrictions in freedom of movement
  • Problems finding clothes that fit
  • Psychological stress (caused by physical limitations and the changing of one’s own aesthetics)

But rest assured of one thing: You are not alone!

An important help to dealing with lipedema are the personal blogs of people with the condition. They share their experiences and talk about what they have learned over time. This type of first-hand information is especially important for women who have just been diagnosed. It allows patients to support each other and experience, often for the first time, that they are not alone with their disease. We would like to recommend the following blogs to you:

lipödem selbsthilfegruppe

Lipedema self-help groups offer support

Patients can deal with the topic of lipedema in many different ways and get information about it. In addition to seeing a specialist, you can also find advice and offer your support in self-help groups that hold regular meetings.

A great place to go first for information about lipedema is Lipödem Hilfe Deutschland e. V. The website tells you everything you need to know about the condition. You will also find a list of current articles from print media and television as well as a helpful list of links.

The Lymphnetz Munich provides names and addresses of doctors and lymph therapists who specialise in lipedema. In addition, you will find pharmacies and medical supply stores that deal specifically with this condition.

Of course, our LIPOCURA® experts will also gladly help you find a suitable self-help group and other helpful information.

Tips & tricks for dealing with lipedema

Whether it’s exercising, compression garments or diet: There are lots of tips that will help you deal confidently with the lipedema. For example, a proper diet can have a positive effect and, with a choice of exercise that fits your profile, you can work out with like-minded people.


Unfortunately, exercise is not a cure for lipedema. Nevertheless, you should include exercise activities in your daily routine. If you do physical exercise, you will not only improve your physical appearance, but also your mood by releasing endorphins. Exercising can put us in a good mood and push away gloomy thoughts. In addition, exercise activities also reduce the obesity with which many lipoedema patients struggle as well. This means that exercise is also part of the perfect preparation for surgery.

Water sports such as aqua gymnastics, aqua spinning or swimming are highly recommended as lipedema sports. The increased pressure in the water causes natural compression, which is more even and more pleasant for many patients than conventional lymphatic drainage.


Many lipedema patients have a hard time finding something to wear. In general, you should look for flowing, loose-fitting fabrics that flatter your figure and feel good on your skin. Avoid clothes that are too tight, cut into your skin and are uncomfortable.

Self-help groups are also a good source of inspiration for fashion tips, as other people with the same condition regularly share their experiences here.

Especially when it comes to compression garments, the right fit is particularly important. The compression pressure must decrease from the hand or foot towards the heart. If this is not the case, the oedema in the arms and legs will become even more prominent. Regularly wearing custom-made compression stockings reduces swelling.


Although lipedema is definitely not caused by being overweight, it can be a side effect of the condition. If you maintain a healthy and balanced diet, you can do a lot for a beautiful figure and improve your overall well-being. Even though there are no specific dietary recommendations for lipedema patients, it is worthwhile to follow a few helpful tips.


Mediterranean mixed diet

Try to eat a Mediterranean diet that includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, olive oil, legumes, fish and lean red meat. Moderate consumption of alcohol is also allowed.


Low-carb, ketogenic diet

Lipedema is often associated with obesity. Therefore, a low-carb diet is ideal for lipedema patients.


Alkaline diet

This type of diet consists mainly of alkaline-forming foods. This means that the emphasis is on fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.


Omega-3 fatty acids

Essential fatty acids such as omega-3 have a positive effect on inflammatory processes in the body, as they reduce inflammation. Therefore, you should consume them regularly (e.g. in the form of fatty fish like mackerel). Omega-3 fatty acids also reduce the risk of obesity and improve the body’s insulin response by stimulating leptin.


Turmeric drinks

Since many of our patients have reported the positive effects of turmeric, we as a team have tested the golden milk and are enthusiastic about it. That is why we now offer turmeric as a drink when you visit our practice.

The recipe for the healthy drink is available here:

  • 5–7 g turmeric
  • 2 grinds of pepper
  • some coconut oil at your discretion
  • a glass full of orange juice (100% direct juice)

In connection with the lipedema condition, many patients report that turmeric helps them with pain management because it inhibits inflammatory processes in the body and boosts metabolism. Turmeric is also said to be helpful in stabilising hormones. However, turmeric should not be taken for at least two weeks before any surgery!

Just contact us if you would like to try turmeric. We will be happy to help.


Some foods are taboo

In particular, avoid processed meat, refined carbohydrates and full-fat dairy products.

Omega-6 fatty acids such as soya bean and safflower oil can promote inflammation and are better avoided.
Also avoid foods with a high glycaemic index such as potatoes, rice, sugar and milled cereals. Weight loss is easier with foods that have a low glycaemic load. You should also avoid alcohol altogether, if possible.

More information about lipedema

No matter what is on your mind: We are lipedema specialists and are here to help and advise you. At LIPOCURA® you will receive the support you need – and deserve! In addition to detailed information on the causes, symptoms, stages and diagnosis of lipedema (on our ‘What is lipedema’ page), we will give you detailed insight into the lipedema treatment, consisting of conservative therapy and liposuction.

Feel free to contact us and make an appointment – we look forward to meeting you!

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