Dr. med. Susanne Heuner

Professional career

After my studies at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, I worked in internal medicine, but I always felt that the doctor-patient dialogue was too short.

That's why I began training as a PR marketing specialist and mental coach, as well as a meditation teacher, in order to gain and utilise a broader, more comprehensive range of experience in communication. For years, I coached employees throughout Germany on the subject of counselling in pharmacies and gained practical experience in health coaching with an interdisciplinary team of ecotrophologists and physiotherapists on the subject of exercise and nutrition at Mondial Insurance. With this knowledge, my further path led me into occupational medicine, where empathetic interaction and comprehensive communication were always at the forefront for me!

A healthy person consists not only of a body, but also of a soul.

I was also involved in vaccination centres and occupational health management and supervised a cardiac sports group.

My work with LIPOCURA®

Listening to your individual problems in a dialogue at eye level in combination with the best possible treatment recommendation is very important to me. We work together to develop an optimal, customised solution for you to regain your quality of life, while maintaining close contact with our surgeons.

Holistic, comprehensive counselling at eye level with sufficient time is my main motivation, so that you can go into your future satisfied.

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