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We create more capacity for our patients

Your medical care in the context of lipedema treatment is our highest priority. At the same time, we always want to offer you seamless care and the best comfort - both mentally and physically.

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LIPOCURA® wins Doctify Patient Excellence Award 2021

There is reason to celebrate. This year, the team at LIPOCURA® is receiving a special award from the Doctify physician portal for excellence in our patient care.

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Updated corona regulations at the Iatros clinic

Effective immediately, the following regulation is in effect: As part of 3G Plus, vaccinated and recovered patients must present a negative rapid test upon entering the clinic.

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Heat instead of steel - Cool Plasma tightening at LIPOCURA®.

With the help of the Cool Plasma method, sagging skin can be tightened all over the body. The minimally invasive procedure tightens the skin gently and at the same time very effectively, without leaving burns or scars.

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Flood fundraiser

Sometimes, when something unforeseen happens that shakes the lives of many people to the core, it is important to think outside the box, show solidarity and stand up for others.

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Covid-19 test required for surgery

According to current hospital hygiene regulations of the Iatros Clinic in consensus with all operative clinics in Munich, it was decided that only patients with a negative Covid-19 test not older than three days (i.e. 72h) can be operated on.

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Appointments on Saturday

Dr. Bettina Demal is now also available in Munich on Saturday, between 10 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.

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LIPOCURA® meets Jens Spahn

The self-help group LipLife, under the direction of Mrs. Nina Uhlenbrock, invited the Minister of Health Jens Spahn and some patients to Münster on 18.02.2020 for a discussion.

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