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Erfahrungsbericht Liposuktion
2 Minutes

Lipedema experiences – Profile of Diana

My name is Diana Grund and I am 31 years old.

I have had my diagnosis for a few years now and the sensitivity to pressure and the heavy arms and legs were a particular burden on me on the way to the operation.

That was me and my lipedema in stage II – III:

Lipödempatientin vorher-nachher

Lipödempatientin vor und nach Liposuktion

I had no conservative therapy.

Then I came to LIPOCURA® and everything changed!

I decided on LIPOCURA® because I was positively surprised by the results with friends.
I wanted to say goodbye to my lipedema because I was in pain every day and couldn’t even work without pain.

This is me today:

Between then and now:

  • 4 operations on all areas (back, buttocks, arms, legs, stomach) and about 37 litres of fat.
  • I had 4 tightenings with plasma on all operated areas.

Nowadays I eat a low carb diet and train with the Bellicon.

My biggest excitement before the operation was the lack of independence in daily routines during the aftercare period.
Indispensable in my clinic bag was glucose.

I am especially grateful to LIPOCURA on my lipedema journey, who are always available and there for you.

To all those who still have doubts about the decision to have the operation, I would like to say that it is definitely worth it and you can finally live pain-free.

Do you have any questions for me? You can find me on Instagram: dianakilledthelipstick


Note: It is important to mention that the testimonials of our patients do not describe aesthetic surgery, but refer to medically necessary procedures for the treatment of lipedema in various stages.

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